Why should we care what enters our kids’ imagination?

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Why should we care what enters our kids’ imagination?

This morning as I went to feed my coffee addiction I saw a sign above the coffee maker that read “You are what you eat.”  I smirked as I thought of the black gold about to course through my veins, the trans fats I knowingly consume, and all the artificial sweeteners that remind me daily of God’s love.  I guess what I’m trying to say is, I should take these signs more seriously.

The truth is, we are what we eat. While most of us recognize this simple fact nutritionally, how often do we consider it spiritually?  We become what we consume.  How does NCIS, a fantastically addicting show about murder, rape, and more and more bizarre forms of violence, affect my soul?  Does Facebook and texting make it easier to have personal relationships, or harder?  If I’m constantly entertained by TV, music, and other media, can I still take serious things seriously?

Now I hope this doesn’t sound like I’m saying all of these things are bad, because they aren’t.  But I am saying that what we consume affects our spiritual lives.  Before we watch, read, or listen to anything, we should say to ourselves, “this affects me.”  It does affects us; we are what we eat.  Once we’ve accepted this, it would do us well to ask the glaring question this knowledge begs, “How does this affect me?”  Is this bringing me closer to God, or further from Him?  Is this making me more able to hear His will, or less able?

I have proposed many questions, and I offer one suggestion.  This isn’t an answer, but maybe a start.  What if we all posted above our televisions, radios, and computers, a simple sign?  “You are what you eat.”

(Adam Storey, Director of Marriage & Family Ministry, Diocese of Des Moines)

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