What You Do with the ‘More’

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In this week’s chapter, Kerry tells of her experience volunteering at a bread line in Manhatten where they hand out hundreds of sandwiches every day to anyone in line.  She’s never helped out with it before but takes to it quickly.  Afterwards, she stops in the nearby chapel for prayer.

I can think of exactly 1 time in my life when I’ve volunteered at a soup kitchen.  It was in Chicago.  I remember feeling almost ashamed of myself as the people came through the line because I knew many of them would never have the things I took for granted.  I’m reminded that having what I need and more is not a sin; it’s what I do with the “more” that matters.

For your reflection:

  1. How can serving the poor become an emotional struggle?

  2. What do you do with the “more” that God has blessed you with?

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