What relevance does the word of God have in our family’s life?

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 What relevance does the word of God have in our family’s life?

Every day I begin class with the Gospel reading for the day.  I am amazed by its timelessness, relevance, and direction.  My life is richer because of time spent with the Word.  After reading the Gospel, I spend time reflecting on its meaning and how we can apply the message to our lives.

The challenge I pose to parents is to bring the word of God into your lives by reading the daily Gospel from the Mass with your family (click here).  I am amazed that we can spend endless hours talking about the world around us: the latest scandal, the fall of our idols, the gossip of friends or total strangers, the latest move of our favorite player or team.   But when it comes to a parent having a conversation about God with their own child, silence reigns.

Why is this?  Do we fear our knowledge of God is lacking?  Good conversation will solve this.  Do we fear the relationship God wants to have with us, do we fear his Love?  We may fear what the relationship will demand.

This year Dowling Catholic’s theme is, “Be not afraid.”  This invitation by Jesus Christ is found in numerous scriptural passages and is one that people of faith need to embrace.  Be not afraid to talk to your children about your shared faith.  Be not afraid to ask God for guidance, direction, and answers to your questions.  Be not afraid to grow in your relationship with God.  Be not afraid to change your life and live in greater harmony with the God who loves you.

Fear divides and destroys families.  Love creates, builds and unites us all. Invite the love of God into your families through his word every day.  The greatest gift you can offer your family is a relationship with God. Talk about it.

(Kurt Heinrich, Theology Teacher, Dowling Catholic High School)

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