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Kerry is a sponsor this Lent for someone preparing to come into the Catholic Church.  One Sunday, she goes to the Cathedral where all candidates from the diocese and their sponsors are gathered to be recognized by the local bishop.  In New York City, the bishop is Cardinal Timothy Dolan.  Kerry recaps his homily where he explains that, when he gets to heaven, God is not going to care that he was a cardinal.  Instead, God will ask if he served the less fortunate around him.

Many times when I think of persons in power in the Church, I think of someone who is much holier than me and who wears a fancy hat.  At the end of the day though, God looks at us all the same as members of a common humanity.  The Cardinal’s homily in this chapter struck me because it brings lots of humbling thoughts.  Nothing I achieve in this life will matter save for the service and love I rendered to others.

For your reflection:

  1. If God were to ask you today about how you served and loved others, how would you answer?

  2. How does the Gospel give everyone a level playing field regardless of their earthly title?

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