What are good resources on the internet to help my teen grow in faith?

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Most of us would agree that to share a lie is worse than not sharing at all.  Before your teen hits Share, Like, Tweet or Publish, help them find the resources to be responsible, honest online evangelists.

Young people have never before had the instant access to knowledge that they have in this digital age. Used correctly, technology can become a new school, forum and community to share thoughts and information. Quotes, testimonies, apologetics, Church doctrine, saints’ lives and much more is available if you know where and how to safely search.

Pope Benedict on World Communications Day 2009 acknowledged:

Many benefits flow from this new culture of communication… students and researchers have more immediate and easier access to documents, sources and scientific discoveries, hence they can work collaboratively from different locations; moreover, the interactive nature of many of the new media facilitates more dynamic forms of learning and communication, thereby contributing to social progress.

He also proclaimed:

It falls, in particular, to young people, who have an almost spontaneous affinity for the new means of communication, to take on the responsibility for the evangelization of this digital continent.

For more from our globally tweeting, iPad-using Pope, check out his 43rd World Communications Day address.

Website Recommendations

The sites listed below are examples of a response to the call of evangelization to their peers by many youth throughout our country. Challenge your teen to use their connection to the digital world responsibly and creatively to add to the new evangelization. Encourage them to use their “techy” talents to create a Catholic Culture built on the foundation of Christ and the Church. This Catholic culture can connect stronger, faster and to more people than any internet or 4G network can hope to (and with no fear of contract renewals, updates, or failed connections).

For God’s Followers on Twitter

Pope Benedict XVI

For the Broadcasters (Youtube)

Channels:  Vatican

Video search:   Fr. Stan Fortuna, Jeff CavinsMark Hart

Fun viewing:  Lifehouse SkitRighteous B Can I get your Adoration hour?, Adoration with Two Popes

For the Romantic

Pure Love Club (Jason Everett)

For the Saintly

EWTN Saints

For more blogs and resources, visit the St. Joseph Educational Center blogs page or resources page.

(Sara LeDuc, Religion Teacher, St. Francis of Assisi Church, West Des Moines)

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