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It is the night of the Easter Vigil in New York City and Kerry is excited for her sponsee who will be baptized that night.  She recounts how, moments before the start of the Mass, she and her friends realize they need to use the restroom so they dash down the hall.  Somehow, on their return trip, they find themselves locked out of the Church banging on the doors to get in.  Kerry realizes this is literally what she is helping her friend Lauren do: enter into the Church.

I’ve attended many Easter Vigils over my 32 years and plan to attend many more.  Despite its length, it’s my favorite Mass of the liturgical year.  I remember one particular Holy Saturday evening in 2011 when my husband completed his RCIA journey and was confirmed in the Church.  I was not his sponsor, but as his fiancee at the time I was very happy for him.  It had taken him many years, but he had finally found his spiritual way home.

For your reflection:

  1. Think about your Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday Mass experiences.  What is the feeling in the Church and what do you think causes this feeling?

  2. If you are a “cradle Catholic” and were given the opportunity to choose the Church for yourself and get baptized again as an adult, would you?  Why or why not?

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