Was Jesus Catholic?

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My mom had great news to share as I walked in the door.  “You’ll never guess what Lucas said,” she bragged.

“He said that Jesus is Cath-o-lick.” And she beamed as she said this.  It was as if my four-year-old had found the cure for cancer.

“That’s great, Mom.” I replied, trying to keep my tone even.

The Director of Religious Education part of me thought, “No, Jesus was Jewish.  Now I have to tell Lucas that both he and Grandma were wrong.”  I pushed that thought to the back of my mind as I thanked my mother for watching my children.

At bedtime that night I decided to bring up the subject again.  “So, Lucas, Grandma told me that you said Jesus was Catholic today.”

“Yep,” was all he said.

“Why do you think that?”  I asked, trying not to sound too disappointed.

“Well, we are Cath-o-lick and we do what Jesus did.”  At that reasoning, I smiled and kissed him goodnight.

Despite my first reaction, Lucas knew more about religion than I gave him credit for.  He had heard me ask, “What would Jesus do?” and “Jesus teaches us to treat others kindly.”  In his little four-year-old brain he had already deduced that we are supposed to imitate Christ.  We use His life as our example.  So, obviously, if we are Catholic, we must be imitating the fact that Jesus was, in fact, Catholic.

I’ll leave the details to his future RE teacher.  Today, I’ll just be proud about how much my son really does know about Jesus and our faith.

(Cindy Clefisch, former Director of Faith Formation, St. Luke the Evangelist Parish)

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