Visiting the Sick

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Kerry has moved on to her next Corporal Work of Mercy which is to visit the sick.  She visits a house where elderly sisters of Mercy live and where those who are recovering from surgery or illness recuperate.  Many of the sisters she visits have spent their lives ministering to others.  They admit that it’s easier to visit the sick than to be visited themselves.  Kerry learns that the sisters see their ministry to the sick as a form of accompaniment, as a simple recognition of someone who is vulnerable.

This chapter reminds me of the times when I’ve taken care of my parents and my husband when they have been ill.  They showed me that being vulnerable is not easy because no one wants to admit that they can’t take care of themselves.  Visiting the sick is indeed a ministry, and a fragile one at that.  I’m sure many times the soul needs healed just as much as the body that houses it.

For your reflection:

  1. What is your experience with serving those who are vulnerable?

  2. How do you respond when you are vulnerable and someone tries to serve you?

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