Through God’s Eyes

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Kerry recounts the unspoken rules of riding the subway in this chapter.  One of them is to not make eye contact with others.  The rationale is that, after you do so, you have to engage with that person because you’ve recognized their personhood.  Kerry has now started to view everyone on the subway as someone else’s child and wonders at the joy their mothers must have had for them when they were born.  Their human dignity brings her to tears.

The simple act of acknowledging another person is itself merciful.  Now there’s something to ponder!  I can think of lots of times that I’ve looked through people rather than at them. Kerry’s approach of seeing everyone as someone’s child reminds me of how God must see us because we are all His children.  If this is how God sees us, surely we are called to see others the same way.

For your reflection:

  1. How does thinking of every other human person as someone’s child change your perspective?

  2. What does this tell you about how God sees you?

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