This Christmas, Lord, Give Me Wisdom

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This year I’ve decided to ask God for the gift of Wisdom. The truth is I don’t need anything, materially speaking. This is not to say I am “rich,” unless you mean rich in family, friends, and faith: I am flush with these, thanks be to God. The inspiration for my one-item Christmas list came from a recent reading of 2 Chronicles 1:10-11, where Solomon (King David’s son) asks God for wisdom.

Because Solomon did not ask for material wealth, power, long life or the life of his enemies, God not only gave him the gift of wisdom but added to it unparallelled riches and power. Of course, one has to wonder whether Solomon knew how to tug on God’s heartstrings and get what any ancient ruler (or modern person today) would have wanted.

No, asking God for wisdom is not some kind of “God hack” or “divine cheat code”–anyone still play video games?–that will guarantee the bestowal of material wealth and power. Instead, Solomon’s request is a teaching moment– it points to how essential wisdom is to our lives, our relationships and, especially, to our being happy.

So, I figured that if I want to be happy (or happier) this Christmas, I should ask God for wisdom. Ta-da! That’s what I am doing. Why don’t you join me? Make it your daily prayer until Christmas . . . and for the rest of your life.

P.S. However, do let me know if you end up with the money and the power to boot. The St. Joseph Educational Center is always looking for donations!

May God bless you with wisdom, and Merry Christmas!

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