They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love

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Jane finds herself in a cynical mood as a child comes into the store alone.  After he pays for his items, Jane is reminded that not every client is untrustworthy.  She decides to give herself a break and goes for a hair appointment.  Returning refreshed, she realizes the hair salon and the thrift store have something in common: both are in the business of extending love to others.  Both are the perfect pick-me-up for folks who need to feel like someone cares about them.  Jane concludes the chapter by talking about how Christians are called to be joyful people in the midst of ministry life.

Reading this chapter reminds me of the early Christians who were always happy despite the struggles they endured.  In fact, many times their happiness was because of those struggles.  It was so contagious that it overflowed to everyone they encountered.  I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t have the world’s most bubbly personality.  Joy and happiness may be in my heart but they are seldom on my face.  I’m thinking God may be calling me to radiate a little more joy this Lent, if only to make someone else’s day better.

  1. How can you be a source of joy for someone else?
  2. When has someone else been a source of joy for you?

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