The True Meaning of Sacrifice

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Lent has gotten underway and Kerry is pondering the true meaning of sacrifice.  She wonders just how much she’s matured in her spiritual life given that she still gives up the same thing at age 28 as she did at age 12.  She reflects on how some just give something up only to go back to it again while others actually get something out of their sacrifice because they recall the cross during times of temptation.

I was most struck in this week’s chapter by a story Kerry told about her friend actually finding spiritual growth in giving up sweets each year because it’s something she is surrounded by constantly.  This begs the question that if something is out of sight/out of mind, how much of a sacrifice is it really to give it up?  Real sacrifice takes work.

For your reflection:

  1. Have your Lenten sacrifices changed over the years or do you still give up the same things you did as a child?

  2. Why might giving up something that you’re surrounded by make the sacrifice more spiritually fruitful?

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