The Gift of Presence

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Kerry volunteers at a water station for the New York half-marathon in Central Park.  All she has to do is pour water into cups, set them on the edge of the table, and make sure to replenish them as runners come by to get their drink.  When all the runners have passed, Kerry wonders how much she actually helped because she never had to physically hand a cup of water to anyone.  Then she thinks about the Scriptures and realizes that Jesus never actually handed water to the woman at the well.  He never forced His gifts upon anyone.  Rather, He met them where they were at, offered them His love, and let them decide to take it or not.

I was pleasantly surprised in this chapter to see how Kerry connected her volunteer experience to stories from the Scriptures.  It’s never occurred to me before that Jesus never actually gave the woman at the well any water; He only let her know that it existed and left the rest up to her.  How refreshing it is to remember that being of service sometimes just means being present to people and letting them know that God is available for them.

For your reflection:

  1. Can you think of a time when someone made themselves available/present to you?  What impact did it have?

  2. How can you make yourself more present to those you encounter?

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