The Gift of Christmas

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Jane and her crew get to help a young unmarried couple who are expecting a child and have a meager home.  A Vincentian worker from a neighboring diocese named Gloria helps out and the couple are able to bring their child into the world safely.  Their family rallies afterwards to help and they will be just fine.  In them, Jane sees the true spirit of Christmas.  At the thrift store, money and items are tight for Christmas baskets and the staff are worried.  On the day that the baskets are assembled, multiple donations come in and more volunteers than ever show up to help.  They are left with a surplus which Jane likens to the feeding of the 5,000 in the scriptures.

So often we worry that our efforts will come to naught because things aren’t turning out the way we think they should.  Oh we of little faith!  Our parish’s annual auction is coming up and yours truly is the chair.  While I’ve helped with it many times I’ve never been in charge and to say I’m nervous is an understatement.  I’ve spent time praying about it and, wouldn’t you know, some pieces have fallen into place in the past week.  My husband keeps telling me that it will all come together.  If only I trusted as much as he does.  I need to remember that whatever I offer to the Lord, He will multiply.  God, give me the faith of a mustard seed.

  1. What is the best gift that you have ever received?
  2. What is the best gift you have ever given?

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