The Daily Grind

The Daily Grind

Jane attends a meeting of St Vincent de Paul volunteers and learns that they are taking in more money than they are able to give away.  The women come up with an alternative solution so that members of the community can get the financial assistance they need.  Next, the women ask where they can find more volunteers.  Jane knows many people who volunteer, but they all put their efforts towards other charities.  After some thought, she offers to help start a computer system for record keeping.  She’s upset when the women tell her they don’t need something fancy, just someone to help clean the bathrooms.  Finally, the cashier from last week’s story comes up with a task that Jane can take charge of and she accepts.

I’ve never been a fan of mundane household chores.  At our house, they include cleaning the rabbit cage, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, paper filing, dishes, and yard work.  Most days I conveniently find something else that “needs done” so as to avoid the tasks I should really be doing.  Reading this story reminds me that those tasks are not going to disappear and that someone still needs to do them.  God does not always need me to do something big and impressive to serve Him.  He also calls me to do the mundane daily tasks that come with being a worker in His vineyard.

  1. Why do you think many people would rather volunteer for “more important” tasks than smaller ones?
  2. What necessary tasks do you try to avoid doing?
  3. What organization do you know that could use your help?  Would you be willing?
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