The Beatitude Man

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The Beatitude Man

Jane reflects on a mentally handicapped gentleman who frequents the store.  He thinks she is an angel.  He withdraws exactly 25 cents from the bank, tells Jane her husband must be wonderful, and is devoted to his mother.  He also loses an important person in his life and is robbed.  Despite everything, his character is very unassuming and unworldly.  This inspires Jane to see him as poor, hungry for righteousness, pure of heart, peaceful, and mournful.

When I think of the beatitudes, I think of an image of what a Christian should be.  If we give to others we may not be poor, but we will not stay rich for long either.  If we want things to be right in the world, we will work for justice and not revenge.  If we see the world through God’s eyes, we will see it as good just as God made it.  If we approach situations with a calm spirit, we will be peacemakers.  If we struggle with things that tear at our hearts, we will sometimes mourn.  Jesus calls each of these groups “blessed”, so they must be qualities we should strive for.

  1. Is there a particular beatitude that you are drawn to?
  2. Can you think of someone who exemplifies one or more beatitudes?

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