The Bare Necessities

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In this week’s chapter, Jane tells the story of a woman who she has helped in the past.  The woman continues to fall on hard times including serious medical issues, but maintains an upbeat attitude through it all.  The disability benefit she has been waiting for will finally start coming in soon and she is excited to be able to pay for rent and food.

I’m humbled by this week’s story because the woman never gives up, despite everything she has gone through.  We all have our share of trials in this life and it’s tempting to let them get us down.  In those moments, I am learning that we should look to the poor as our role models because they persevere despite the odds every day.  If someone can be excited to have enough money for the basic necessities of life, how much more grateful should I be for all the gifts I have been given?

  1. What gifts do you forget to thank God for?
  2. Who do you look to for strength and support during times of struggle?

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