Take Up Your Cross

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As Kerry nears the end of her Lenten journey, she decides to take part in a New York City tradition: a stations of the cross procession through downtown Manhattan and Times Square.  She goes with the plan to just be one more face in the crowd, but winds up carrying the cross for one station to lead the procession.  Its an exhilarating experience for her of literally taking her faith into the public square.

I’ve never been to New York state much less Times Square, so I can only imagine Kerry’s anxiety about being a part of something so public.  The closest thing I can recall is our parish having its first ever Corpus Christi procession last year which involved parading around the block behind the Eucharist while singing hymns.  Our parish is in a rather small town so not many people were outside to notice, but it still felt strange yet freeing to be part of such a public display.

For your reflection:

  1. What crosses have you had to carry lately?

  2. Why do you think people hesitate to show their faith in public despite living in a free country?

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