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12 Feb, 2018

Love Will Steer Me True by Jane & Ellen Knuth

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The last time we read about Jane Knuth, she was telling us stories about her employment at a St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store in Kalamazoo, MI.  In this book, co-written by Jane and her daughter Ellen, the focus is on their relationship.  Ellen is a college graduate heading off to Japan to teach English [...]

29 Jan, 2018

Life and Death

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Kerry visits the oldest cemetery in America which happens to be only a little ways from her apartment in Queens.  She runs into a gravedigger who is there with his backhoe to prepare a new grave.  He doesn’t say anything earth-shattering to Kerry and views his job as just another day at the office.  As [...]

25 Dec, 2017

From Alcatraz to San Quentin

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This week, Kerry is working towards the Corporal Work of Mercy of visiting the imprisoned.  She is in California where she begins by touring Alcatraz Island.  It seems very surreal to Kerry that Alcatraz once housed some of America’s most notorious prisoners and now is a tourist destination with a gift shop where people buy [...]