9 10, 2017

Change by Tracy Chapman

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If we’re honest with ourselves, we all know that there are things about ourselves in need of healing and conversion.  Maybe it’s a short temper, a lack of patience, or a grudge we’ve been holding onto.  Deep inside, we know that God is calling us to change this part of ourselves by handing [...]

18 09, 2017

Holy Water by Big & Rich

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There’s something calming about water.  Swimming pools, lakes, and bubble baths are all places people go for respite and relief.  The theme of water in this song conveys the idea that God can hold and envelope us in our darkest hours similar to how water does when we submerge ourselves in it.  On [...]

11 09, 2017

Hero by Mariah Carey

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This song was picked with today’s anniversary in mind.  16 years ago today was September 11, 2001.  It was a day of heroes, many unseen and unsung.  In her song ‘Hero’, Mariah Carey reminds us that we all have the capability to be a hero of some sort.  We don’t have to run [...]

5 09, 2017

Rise by Danny Gokey

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It’s difficult to turn on the news or open the newspaper without seeing something bad in the headlines.  Most days it would be very easy for us to give up on the broken world that we live in.  Despite all this, we are called to rise above and bring a little light to [...]

28 08, 2017

More to Life by Stacie Orrico

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It’s no secret that we live in a very consumerist culture.  Everywhere we go, someone is trying to convince us that we need “more.”  Our song this week expresses just how disenchanting our world can be.  We know in our minds that Jesus is most important, but how does that translate into our [...]

21 08, 2017

One of Us by Joan Osborne

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What would you do if Jesus Christ visited your home or workplace?  This question is posed to us by Joan Osborne in this week’s song.  We’ve all seen various pictures of Jesus with a beard and a robe or hanging on a crucifix.  I wonder what would happen if we saw Him and [...]