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St. Vincent’s gets a call that a paper factory is closing and its workers want to donate a bunch of refrigerators to anyone who needs them.  Jane’s husband Dean grabs a high school kid to help him, and spends the day transporting the refrigerators to the thrift store.  The kid has had a rough life and is quiet at first, but perks up when they get to the factory and looks around.  While helping to haul the refrigerators, he peppers the workers with questions about their jobs and listens to them tell their stories.  A lot of giving and receiving transpires that day, the least of which is the refrigerators.

There’s always been something therapeutic about talking with others.  The high school kid and the workers in this story both needed someone to talk to and found it in an unlikely source.  I’ve sometimes met someone with whom I have seemingly nothing common, but wind up talking to for hours.  I always feel great after those encounters.  Funny how when we meet someone we think we’ll never see again, we’re more willing to tell all and hold nothing back.

  1. Have you ever met someone who was instantly easy to talk to?
  2. If you need someone to talk to, what’s holding you back?

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