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It’s that time of year when every church has a paschal candle.  Have you ever stopped to get a good look and see what the paschal candle looks like?  Every piece of it has symbolism including the type of wax it’s made of.  The paschal candle is used at baptisms and funerals throughout the year reminding us of the light of Christ in our hearts.  For me, one of the most powerful moments of the Easter Vigil Mass is at the beginning when the entire church is dark.  The pastor lights his individual candle from the paschal candle and shares it with others.  Slowly the light travels across the congregation, as more candles are lit and the darkness is dispelled.  The power of that light, and the great physical power of the fire contained in something so small, never gets old for me.  In this week’s song, we are reminded to let our light shine and to be a light for others.  We may each be only a little light, but like those little candles, we are powerful forces amidst this world of darkness.

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