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Click on the tabs below to see faith-building resources for 4 generations of adults plus a “niche” group that is ever-changing.  Resources are refreshed monthly.

Young Adults

(Ages 18-34 a.k.a. Millenials)

This group has grown up with technology and are engaged with it for 12 hours/day on average.  Millenials value relationships with others more than institutions, which is why they may not be crossing the threshold of your parish as often as other groups.  They do, however, crave authenticity and respond to ideas that involve active learning. Millenials are not afraid to ask the big questions and are always seeking the truth.

Midlife Adults

(Ages 35-54 a.k.a. Generation X)

Generation X is actively involved in the community and values stable commitments.  Many are juggling the raising of their own children while starting to care for their parents.  Traditions, family, and mentoring are prominent in their lives.  Members of this group are always seeking deeper meanings and crave authentic religious experiences.

Mature Adults

(Ages 55-70 a.k.a. Baby Boomers)

The Baby Boomer generation has experienced great transitions in their lives including the switch from analog to digital technology.  Most have grandchildren and at least 1 living parent.  They are vary curious, willing to be vulnerable, and have a great sense of empathy.  They look to religion for a place to belong and tell their story.  They gravitate towards contemporary worship with a focus on spirituality.

Older Adults

(Ages 71+ a.k.a. “The Greatest Generation” or “The Silent Generation”)

Today’s older adults are facing many transitions including retirement and reduced income.  This group grew up without many technological advances we take for granted today and was raised to work hard.  They put their confidence in authority and institutions, trusting that those institutions will help them.  They prefer lecture-style learning and traditional worship experiences.  They also value agreement and harmony over being “right.”

Niche Group

January’s niche group: college-bound students

Next month’s niche group: college-bound students

Each month we will feature resources pertaining to those having a common experience.  Niche groups will include those suffering the loss of a loved one, those discerning a vocation, those battling depression, the unemployed, college-bound students, and more.