Real Catholic

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Real Catholic

In this week’s chapter, Jane struggles with the question, “What is a real Catholic?”  First, a couple of new believers come in wanting information on getting married in the Catholic church.  Jane explains the marriage prep requirement and sends them to a priest she knows.  The couple treat Jane as a celebrity expressing their excitement in meeting a “real Catholic.”  Next, a protestant woman comes in and discusses with Jane the differences between a Catholic bible and the King James version.  Finally, a homeless man wants a picture of John Paul II calling him, “everybody’s pope.”  Jane has learned a lot working at the store and she is now passing it on to others, but still wonders if she is a “real Catholic.”

When I think of my Catholic identity, I can’t think of any label I’d rather be called.  But what does it mean to be Catholic?  There isn’t one right answer to this question.  It’s something we all need to think about and decide for ourselves.  For me, it means following the Church that was founded by Christ over 2,000 years ago.  Knowing our history is important to me because everything the Church does comes out of it.  It also means being a person of the Eucharist because no other Church can give me Christ’s actual body and blood.  I’m not a scholar and I have no degree in religion, but I like to learn about the Church.  I wouldn’t be me without it.

  1. What do you think it means to be Catholic?
  2. How do you live your faith?

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