Public or Private?

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In this week’s chapter, Kerry tells about her efforts in the online dating world.  She is nervous about setting up a date with someone due to the fact that she gave up alcohol and sweets for Lent, so a bar and dessert are both out of the question.  Thankfully, the person who shows interest is also a Catholic.  He gave up sweets and coffee, so they can’t go to a coffee shop either.  The two settle on meeting at a restaurant and end up having a nice evening before Kerry leaves for California the next day.

I have been married for six years, but I can imagine the anxiety Kerry is going through in her search for a date who understands and respects her Lenten observances.  Taking one’s faith into the public square comes with the risk of being judged.  The mere fact that Kerry is willing to take that risk speaks volumes about her faith and how important it is to her.  Most times when I’m out to eat in public, I pause to say grace.  Sometimes I wonder if anyone even notices and other times I feel like all eyes must be on me.

For your reflection:

  1. How willing are you to take your faith into the public square?

  2. What is your attitude towards those who already do?

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