Pray for Us

Pray for Us

This week’s chapter focuses on the saints, both big and small.  On St Vincent de Paul’s feast day, God shows up to see Jane in the form of a donated $10 bill, which is needed by a customer for gas not more than a few minutes later.  Jane has learned which patron saints people seek out the most and works to keep prayer cards and medals in stock.  She ends up introducing a woman to the concept of the saints.  The woman is alone since her mother passed away, and Jane tells her to ask for her mother’s prayers.  It’s a great source of comfort.

I once heard my priest in college say that the church is always full no matter how many people come to Mass.  This is because the saints are there with us.  I have often called on St Anthony when something is lost or St Francis when a pet is sick.  It’s a great source of comfort to me that there is a family of cheerleaders in heaven who can still pray for us.  The more I read about the saints, the more fascinated I am by their stories of conversion and faith.  I have to remember that they were real people who once walked the earth and were never perfect, just like me.  As All Saints and All Souls days approach, let us remember those who have finished the race and kept the faith.

  1. Do you have devotions to any particular saints?
  2. Have you ever stopped to consider that they were imperfect humans, just like you and me?
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