Peace is Uncomfortable

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In Medjugorje, Jane attempts to learn a little Croatian for which her fellow pilgrims admire her.  Their travel group attends a Saturday morning Mass, which is filled to the point of standing room only.  Jane struggles with kneeling on the stone floor, but notices an elderly woman with a cane who is also kneeling on the hard surface and realizes she has no room to complain.

International travel is a very eye-opening experience.  Like Jane, I’ve seen firsthand just how pampered we Americans really are and also how devout other nations are in their faith.  In my travels in European churches, if they have pews, most of them do not have cushions and fabric on their kneelers, only wood.  Like Jane, I’ve had no room to complain but instead should praise God because I can kneel, even if it hurts.

  1. When have you struggled, but realized that someone else struggles more?
  2. How did that situation impact you?

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