One’s Trash is Another’s Treasure

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Last week was the last entry for Thrift Store Saints.  This week we begin the sequel Thrift Store Graces and are grateful that the author continued to share her stories.  First up is the account of a man who donates nearly all his worldly possessions to St Vincent de Paul because he’s going into hospice.  There are furniture pieces, books, food and trinkets galore.  While going through items, Jane stumbles across something that to most people would be trash, but to her has meaning.  It reminds her of the stories contained in her book which may not seem like much to others, but have changed her life.  Jane hopes the stories to follow in the sequel will have a positive effect on those who read them.

In our basement, there is a hexagon-shaped box on a shelf back in the corner.  Its cream colored with little flowers on it and once held a birthday gift I received as a child.  Today it sits on the shelf and collects dust year after year.  Like Jane’s stories, it may not look like much to other people, but is priceless to me.  The box no longer houses a birthday gift, but rather a collection of cards and letters I’ve received at various occasions and retreats over the years.  There are birthday cards from my mom who passed just a couple months ago.  There are encouraging notes from my dad, who is not a sentimental or emotional person.  There are also items from college friends and roommates who I still try to keep in touch with reminding me of experiences that make me who I am today.  It isn’t much, but that collection means the world to me because of who and what they represent.

  1. What items in your home might not look like much but are of great value to you?
  2. What is it that gives those items their value?

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