Off to Medjugorje

In this week’s chapter, Jane is off on her trip to Medjugorje, located in present-day Croatia.  She comments on the flight, the complexities of traveling with a large group, and the hospitality of the people.  She is taken aback by how often other members of the group pray and gradually starts to settle into a rhythm with them.

Going on pilgrimage is always exciting and a little unnerving.  You never know what the Holy Spirit is going to show you and are forced to take life one day at a time.  This was my experience both on the Camino de Santiago two years ago and at World Youth Day last July.  I found it both comforting and liberating to know how little I really need and came to depend more on Divine Providence.

  1. What could you get by without if you had to?
  2. When has someone shown you great hospitality?
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