New Music Blog!

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New Music Blog!

Hello everyone!  We are launching a new blog focusing on hearing God’s voice through music.  Each week there will be a song in the form of an mp3 and an accompanying reflection.  Some songs will be religious, but some will also be secular as a challenge to listen with the “Ears of Faith.”  We invite you to listen to music, no matter the genre, in a whole new light.

This week’s song is Hear You Me by Jimmy Eat World.

There are many people who come into our lives and leave again without a trace.  There are others who come and make their home in our hearts.  They leave their footprints on our souls and we are never the same.  One of the greatest pains in the world is losing someone you love.  No matter what pre-existing conditions may have existed, we are never ready for that moment.  It comes like a thief in the night and takes what is most precious to us.  However, for the Christian, we know that death is not the end but the beginning.  The greatest joy imaginable awaits on the other side for the faithful who trust in God.  In this song, we often hear the lyric “May angels lead you in.”  We also hear about the artist’s regrets about failing to say thank you before it was too late.  May we have the courage to live our lives without regrets and find comfort knowing that the angels lead our loved ones to their eternal reward.

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    like the music blog!

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