My Sweet Lord by George Harrison

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Have you ever had times when you wish you could see Jesus in the flesh and hang out with Him for a while?  Faith would be so easy if we could!  In this song, George Harrison, one of the Beatles, sings of seeing, knowing, and being with the Lord.  Fortunately, as Catholics, we actually can do all three of these.  We have the great gift of the Eucharist where Jesus comes to us in a more intimate way than we could ever imagine.  His body, blood, soul and divinity, are truly present in the consecrated host.  We are also blessed with the opportunity to come see Him whenever we like in adoration.  We really can see Jesus and be with Him!  By doing these things, we will come to know Him more completely.  If you have never done it before, stop by a perpetual adoration chapel (visit St. Pius, Christ the King, St. Augustin) to see, be with, and get to know our sweet Lord.

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