More Alike Than Different

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Kerry volunteers at a men’s homeless shelter where she stays overnight to help monitor the guy’s’ activities.  She isn’t sure what to expect, but the evening goes remarkably well and the men make her feel right at home.  One of them told her that she wouldn’t know they were homeless if she’d met them outside the walls of the shelter.  She realizes the man is correct.  She comments that she feels like she is their guest rather than the other way around.

I admire Kerry for her willingness to stay with the men overnight.  I must admit that I’m not sure I would be as willing to do so.  Its interesting to watch Kerry grow each week with every encounter as she recognizes more and more that the poor are more like her than they are different.  Perhaps it’s this understanding that puts her at ease.

For your reflection:

  1. How does your understanding of someone affect your behavior in their presence?

  2. What do you think is prompting Kerry to step outside of herself far enough to do these acts of charity?

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