Mercy in Disguise

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Mercy in Disguise

After reflecting about encounters with various people, Jane is realizing they are not really running a thrift store, but rather an instrument of God’s mercy.  They are there to help the poor and learn more about serving others.  From the outside it looks like a store, but from the inside it looks like Jesus.  Every day Jane and the staff are making a difference by asking simple questions like, “Is there anything else I can do for you?” and “What can I help you with today?”  Jane comes to the realization that many ordinary citizens are really Christians in disguise doing the work of the Lord.

How many times have you had a bank teller, cashier, or waiter ask you if there’s anything else they can do for you?  This simple question is really an act of compassion.  They wouldn’t have to ask or do anything else, but they do anyway.  It’s not just great customer service; it’s also a display of God’s mercy.  This chapter showed me that thinking of little things as acts of God’s mercy can completely change how we look at the world around us.  Every encounter with another is an encounter with our Lord in disguise.

  1. What is a simple question that you can ask others to show God’s mercy?
  2. Do you know any Christians who are disguised as ordinary citizens?  Are you one of them?

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