Love Thy Neighbor

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A disgruntled fellow volunteer asks Jane for some advice.  The volunteer is struggling with helping others who don’t seem to be helping themselves very well.  Jane responds by telling him two surprising accounts of clients who were not the people they first appeared to be.  She points out that although she doesn’t always know what to do, she tries to treat everyone with love.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”  It’s so easy to do this with others, especially the poor and those who ask for our help.  We’ve probably all heard stories about people who “work the system” and get help they really don’t need.  Unfortunately, focusing on these people will prevent us from helping the ones who really do need it.  During this Easter season, let us show our joy for the risen Christ by trying not to judge others.

  1. When have you hesitated to help someone?
  2. What caused you to hesitate?

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