Love Can Save It All by Andra

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One of the most commonly used images in scripture to describe the relationship of Christ to His Church is that of a bride and groom.  When two people get married, they are committing themselves to each other for life no matter what.   God has already made that commitment to us.  The lifetime we have on this earth is our chance to reciprocate that commitment and do our best to stay faithful to it.  Since we are human, there will most assuredly be times that we fall short.  That’s where God’s love comes in.  Just as Andra sings in her song about a couple’s relationship, love can save it all when it comes to our relationship with God.  Except in this case it’s not our love but His.  God’s love is more profound and complete than any human love we can imagine on this side of heaven.  If your relationship with God is something you want to work on this year, start by trusting in His incredible love for you.  It can save everything.

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