Life and Death

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Kerry visits the oldest cemetery in America which happens to be only a little ways from her apartment in Queens.  She runs into a gravedigger who is there with his backhoe to prepare a new grave.  He doesn’t say anything earth-shattering to Kerry and views his job as just another day at the office.  As Kerry leaves the cemetery, she notices all the flowers and trees, realizing there’s just as much life there as death.

I’ve been in a cemetery many times, both to bury someone and just to visit.  To me, they are rather peaceful places because there are no other sounds or distractions, just rows of tombstones that tell silent stories of those who have passed on.  I know many view cemeteries as dreary places where one goes to mourn, but for me they have frequently been calming places that bring peace and remind me to be grateful.

For your reflection:

  1. Why do you think most cemeteries have trees, flowers, and other signs of life?

  2. What traditions and lessons have you learned from those who have gone before you?

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