Keep Calm & Pray

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Jane discovers the ins and outs of banking, the legal system, and retail sales as she gathers information for the police about her missing wallet.  Rather than being mad, she feels sad for the thief.  She knows it was a client from the thrift store and wonders if they stole because she didn’t help them enough.  Jane mentally runs through scripture passages in hopes that one of them will help her deal with the situation fairly.  Ultimately, she decides on the good samaritan approach which involves taking the time to run down all sorts of information to help the police.

I’m amazed at how calm Jane is in her stressful situation.  The other day when I lost my wallet for an hour it drove me crazy!  I can’t imagine how I would’ve felt if my phone had been gone as well.  It makes me wonder what it is that helps Jane to stay so calm and focused in the midst of a catastrophe.

  1. Where do you run to for help when something terrible has happened?
  2. If God isn’t one of your go-to people, how could you change that?

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