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Jane has a heavy heart one day as she encounters multiple people with heartbreaking stories.  First, there’s the woman who had to have an eye removed and has other health problems to boot.  She’ll have to wait at least two years to get on disability, but she met a new friend at the hospital who is helping her out.  They are both getting apartments and starting from scratch.  Then there’s the father of two who is is about to be evicted from his apartment and is embarrassed that he can’t provide for his kids.  Jane arranges to help him get caught up on rent and buy dinner for his family.  She’s happy to help but knows that it’s just a drop in the bucket.

Sometimes when I give to charity, it doesn’t seem like I’m doing enough.  $1 here and $5 there can’t make much of a difference in people’s lives.  But then I remember that I’m likely not the only person giving a small amount and, combined with other small amounts, it will add up to something.  Thus, no effort to help others is ever made in vain.

  1. When have you seen little efforts add up to bigger results?
  2.  When has someone’s personal story inspired you to act?

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