Just Enough

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Just Enough

This week’s chapter centers on the Christmas season.  The thrift store workers are compiling bags of toys and food vouchers to give to needy clients.  The last bag gets given to a poor family with a child in the hospital and they are very grateful.  The store gives out more financial assistance than usual for the holiday and ends up having just enough to meet the needs of the clients who come in for help.

As I think about this story, the words “just enough” keep echoing through my mind.  While I can’t think of many times that I’ve had just enough food or clothing, I can think of times when I’ve had just enough emotional or spiritual support.  We all have days when we wonder why God has put so much on our plate.  Somehow, we always make it through.  I’ve often prayed for God to give me the grace I need just for that day and He has never let me down.  During those times, I’m grateful that God lets me feel solidarity with the poor.

  1. Can you think of a time when you were at the “end of your rope” and God gave you just enough to get you through?
  2. How can having “just enough”  test and strengthen your faith?

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