Journey Through the Stations

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This week Kerry reflects on an experience praying the Stations of the Cross.  She admits that she’s found the meditation boring in the past, but something is different this time.  She feels as though she’s actually on a journey letting herself get lost in the readings and reflections offered at each station.  She also recalls the Passion play her sister was in once with the role of the unrepentant thief.

The Stations are such a tried and true part of Lent each year.  As a former Catholic school teacher, our students would gather each week to pray the stations during Lent.  I must say they always seemed a little boring and repetitive.  This is no doubt due to my inability to enter into the spirit of Christ’s suffering rather than the meditation itself.  I hope that, the next time I pray the stations, I can spiritually join in Christ’s suffering as Kerry did.

For your reflection:

  1. When/how do you reflect on the journey of suffering Jesus made to Calvary?

  2. How does reflection on the Passion narrative affect you and help you grow closer to Christ?

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