Jesus in Disguise

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This week, Jane is in Medjugorje.  She is part of a group climbing up a mountain known for its stations of the cross that mark the path to the top.  The weather is lousy, Jane is cold, and the trail on the mountain offers its own challenges.  As Jane goes through the stations, she realizes her climb that day has many parallels to the meditations about Christ that the group is doing.

Its interesting how sometimes God speaks to us in the most unlikely of ways.  Don’t we all wish that God would make Himself known to us in more obvious ways, like say a postcard in the mail or a phone call?  In this week’s chapter, Jane meets Jesus amidst her everyday physical trials of hiking and the weather.  I can think of some times when I’ve met Jesus in disguise, like when I took a group of students to a men’s homeless shelter and we got to pray with them.  His revelations are never what I would have thought, but they’re always what I need.

  1. Where do you see Jesus every day in the people and situations around you?
  2. Do you think others might sometimes see Jesus in you?

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