If Today Was Your Last Day by Nickelback

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It seems I’m always making to-do lists both mentally and physically.  Their content ranges from groceries and committees to visiting friends and family.  Sometimes I do what I need to and other times I decide to do it “tomorrow” or “later.”  What if there is no tomorrow?  What if later is now?  These are difficult questions to think about, but their answer is urgently important.  I’m reminded of my grandparents’ 65th anniversary party last June 12th.  The day went great and it was nice to see my extended family.  Little did I know that that party was the last time I would see my mom being her normal self because that evening she suffered cardiac arrest.  She survived it, but wasn’t the same person for the 4 months that she lived afterwards.  This song makes me wonder how my behavior might have been different that day if I had known what was coming.  Mine is an extreme example, but it brings into sharp focus the truth that time is a gift, not a given.  Like all gifts, it needs to be used wisely.


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