How’s Your Attitude?

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Kerry is halfway through Lent and is starting to worry she won’t get to all the Corporal Works of Mercy before Easter.  At Mass, the homilist reminds her that Lent is not about crossing items off a list, but about revitalizing how we are living daily life.  She realizes she needs to focus less on what she is doing and more on how she is doing it.  An encounter with a homeless man she walks past almost every day prompts her to recognize each person as the human being they are rather than just one more hand out looking for food.

If I had to sum up this chapter in 1 word, I would use the word ‘attitude.’  It sounds like Kerry is realizing her service is more about how she treats people in general rather than making sure she does all the right things.  I think this is something we can easily get caught up in these days.  We want to make sure we are checking all the correct boxes, but is that what Jesus really calls us to?

For your reflection:

  1. How does your attitude and that of those around you impact your day?

  2. Do you see everyone as a child of God or as just another pretty face?

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