How to Deal

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A woman comes into the store needing money to pay a bill.  She had it, but someone she trusted stole it from her.  She also has other stressful things going on in her life.  Jane can’t get over how calm and collected she appears to be despite everything this woman’s dealing with, and asks the woman how she does it.  The woman outlines a four step process that leaves Jane humbled and mystified.

Like Jane, I probably would have been amazed at the woman’s ability to handle stress.  Anyone who has a full plate and a cool head is quick to earn both my respect and my curiosity.  I’ve come across a few such people in my lifetime.  When I ask them how they do it, the answer is always surprisingly simple: take things one step at a time and trust in God.  Maybe retaining a sense of inner peace isn’t our problem, but rather over-complicating how we acquire it in the first place.

  1. What brings you peace?
  2. How do you keep calm in stressful situations?

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