How can I make bible reading a part of our family life?

How Can I Make Bible Reading a Part of Our Family Life?

“When you want something done, give it to the busiest person.” Have you heard that quote? It rings true in my experience. For example, most of the time I feel that I do not have time to read the Bible, yet its benefits are too great to pass up. I know that I need to make reading God’s Word a priority in my personal and family life if I want to experience the related spiritual benefits.

When I think about it, being too busy to read the Bible often gets turned on its head – I’m really too busy not to read the Bible. With so many activities – shepherding kids, cheering them on, working hard, trying to stay fit – I need that nugget of wisdom offered by that verse or two from God’s library. Even that story recalled from Sunday’s Gospel or the readings, when intertwined with my ‘busyness,’ helps to decode the puzzle of my day.

Although reading the Bible may be advantageous to me in many ways, those rewards are not my sole purpose for choosing to do so. Better stated, I want to use God’s Word to help me take the next step, and have it truly make a difference in my life. There is always a message for me waiting there, and it is my loss if I don’t seek it out.

The same goes for family. My kids hunger for my interaction with them, especially surrounding a good story. When I am able to refer to a Scripture story that relates to their current situation, that draws them in and paves the way for future reading. A good place to start is to listen intently to this weekend’s readings, asking yourself what story in your family life the readings relate to. Then chat about that with your kids on the way home or over a donut. Bible reading becomes part of family life most perfectly when it is seamlessly woven in.

(Steve Dressel, Director of Adult Faith Formation, St. Boniface Church)

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