Hanging by a Moment by Lifehouse

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One of our greatest struggles as humans is to trust others, especially God.  Putting complete confidence in someone is scary because it might backfire.  Thankfully, God is perfect and only wants to love us with no strings attached.  Then why isn’t it easier for us to trust Him?  Personally, I feel sometimes like God’s offer of free grace and salvation seems almost too good to be true.  I’m looking for the “catch” and there is none.  Then there’s the little matter of leaving behind the things I thought were important.  God wants to love me, but He wants my whole heart.  When I do accept His love, I sometimes feel like I’m dangling off the side of a cliff clinging to God with one hand.  The good news is that His hand will never fail me, and I can trust it more than any solid ground I could ever stand on.

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