Hail Mary

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Jane comes to work one morning to find the large statue of Mary that watches over the store has been sold.  Another will be ordered to take its place, but it will be a while before it arrives.  Jane is suddenly uneasy without the statue there as a tangible reminder of Our Lady’s protection.  She spends most of the chapter explaining the significance of the Hail Mary prayer before taking out her rosary to calm her nerves.

No woman has altered history as much as Mary, mother of God.  We hold her up as our model for discipleship and she is arguably the most popular saint in the world.  While I personally don’t have a strong devotion to Mary, I do have a finger rosary on my keychain.  During trying times I like to just hold it and it brings me peace.  There’s an inexplicable comfort that comes with knowing Mary’s never far away.

  1. What role does Mary play in your spiritual life?
  2. If she does not have a role, what is holding you back from trusting her?

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