Going on Ahead

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Jane gets a lesson on the importance of word choice pertaining to the death of a loved one.  A co-worker talks about how someone “left us awfully early” and that their parents also “went on ahead.”  After seeking clarification, Jane realizes the co-worker is talking about leaving this life early and going on ahead to heaven.  Jane shares that her family usually refers to death as “losing” someone, to which the co-worker replies, “We don’t lose people.  Leastways, nobody gets lost that we know of.”

This chapter resonates with me in a very comforting way.  When my mom passed last October, I felt like I had lost her and used the same wording that Jane’s family uses.  The co-worker’s words make sense to me though because, as Christians, we believe our loved ones go on to a better place.  No one is eternally “lost” unless they reject Christ during their earthly life.  Its nicer, and more accurate, to think that mom is not “lost” but rather that she “went on ahead.”

  1. Who has “gone on ahead” or “left early” in your life?
  2. How do you keep those people close to you?

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