God’s Rules

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A woman comes into the thrift store to ask for financial assistance with rent, but is frustrated to discover she must jump through a bunch of hoops first.  Jane explains to her that there are rules to be followed to guarantee that the donation is being used for its intended purpose.  When the woman asks “Who owns this place?”, Jane tell her that God does.  This softens the woman’s disposition and she agrees to follow the rules because they’re from God.

I’ve never really thought about the fact that, in a manner of speaking, God owns all charitable organizations that are connected to a Church.  This should fundamentally change how we look at those organizations and what they do.  I’ll be the first to admit that I sometimes shop thrift stores to find a bargain on basic clothing, but never have I thought of it as a store owned by God.  This means that what looks like a meager place should actually be treated as holy ground.  It is God’s instrument reaching out to humanity’s brokenness.  While it may not be fancy, its administration is out of this world.

  1. How does the idea of charitable organizations being owned by God strike you?
  2. What would change if we looked at everyone as the face of Christ in our midst?

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