Gifts of the Spirit

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Jane is still in Medjugorje and is reflecting on the topic of mysticism.  She shares about her confirmation saint who was a mystic and about the piety of the locals who spend hours daily in prayer and study.  She also passes by two people from her tour group who claim to see various colors and animations happening in the sky, but Jane can’t see them herself.  At first she is bitter that she has never received any such mystical experiences, but then changes her tune.  She has the realization that her not being able to see the colors the others see is actually proof that they are seeing something special, something God meant just for them.  Jane revels in the fact that her lack of vision is actually a gift in itself.

I find myself echoing Jane’s sentiment while reading this chapter.  I too have never received any mystical visions or overly profound prayer moments.  Yes, I’ve felt God’s presence at times, but He’s never appeared to me or enabled me to see something that others can’t.  Yet at the same time, I’m grateful for the gifts that I have been given.  We are told in the scriptures that all gifts are from the same Lord who gives to each as He pleases.  How great a God we have who knows what gifts are best for each person, even if we don’t agree with His decision!

  1. What spiritual and material gifts has God given to you?
  2. When have you realized a gift that didn’t seem like one at the time?

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